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All members on this board are 18 years or older only. You must agree to the forum rules below:

This is a knowledgeable chinchilla site and will be treated as such, absolutely no ignorance allowed. nea.gif The administrators and moderators that run this site have prepared some rules for members to follow by. Anyone whom chooses not to follow the rules posted your account could be terminated immediately.

Rules for our board are as follows:

1. Do not attack another member with name calling or using foul language.

2. Please keep personal issues with other members off this board and out of public conversations unless it is of interest and also the truth.

3. Please use your registered user name at all times and only one account used per member. Impersonating another account is not allowed.

4. Please report any violations of the rules to an administrator or moderator.

5. No liars on this forum.

6. Registered names that do not post within 90 days, your account will automatically be removed as a non-member.

7. If any member of this board is abusing animals in any shape or form you will be banned plain and simple! We do not stand for animal abuse.

8. All members must be age 18 or older.

9. Members who sign up must be able to agree with and respect other members posting rights with their uncensored posts, pictures, avatars and uncensored-ship of members, this forum provides. If you do not like that this forum is uncensored in pictures, videos, etc... then please leave. This forum isn't just for one member, and we rather it be comfortable for all members to be able to post on here freely without concern of being attacked - regardless of their post content.

10. No copying or passing of any posted material (written or otherwise) from this forum to other websites, forums or members of other forums is allowed unless permission has been granted by Just Chinchillas' administration. Members caught doing this will immediately be banned. If you know of a member doing this please contact an administrator.

11. If anyone has a problem with these rules then simply don't post or join in on the fun. Within 90 days of not posting, your account will automatically be removed anyway.

The list of names we have come up with that are not allowed on this forum are because of either 1.) proof that they do not take proper care of their animals. 2.) History of cheating people. 3.) History of causing problems on forums. 4.) Plain liars about their breeding stock. 5.) Selling sick animals and knowing they are sick.

You must agree to the uncensored ship of this board when joining. Members are not censored for their views, beliefs, opinions or ideas. If members want to joke, they can joke about whatever they like within reason. happy0005.gif

If you cannot handle being uncensored or cannot handle other members being uncensored, do not join this board.

Thank you and enjoy the forum and lets all throw sand in the sandbox. dancinggeek.gif
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